About us

Since 2010 we have been one of the leading manufacturers of gold foil stamped replicas. Our expertise ensures our replicas are of the highest quality and represent the original artwork in all it's beauty. As we are one of the leading manufactures of gold foil PMMA technology our products can be found right the way around the globe & we partner with some of the worlds most reputable Mints, Central banks & Mail services.
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Meticulous detail

The detail of the artwork on bank notes is where the beauty lies. Our artists meticulously craft a copper mould perfectly replicating the original artwork. From there through a process of trial and error we work on perfecting the amount of relief to achieve the high contrast representation seen on the finished note. Once the mould is completed the 24 carat gold is stamped onto a PMMA sheet (polymethyl methacrylate) to add rigidity & finally mounted onto a display. The finished quality of our replicas speaks for itself & we take much pride in accurately representing the original beauty of each piece of artwork.